Samsa are a 3-piece band from Leeds, West Yorkshire. They’ve put out several ltd 7” singles and featured on various label compilations including Dance To The Radio’s “What We All Want’ album. They’ve shared stages with Forward Russia, iLiKETRAiNS, Duels, The Duke Spirit, The Young Knives, Pigeon Detectives, The Holloways and many more. They’ve been championed by the likes of Steve Lamaqc (who made First, The Lights his unsigned choice of the week), Claire Sturgess on XFM, and recieved emphatic press nationwide.

Since John Peel championed one of their first demos shortly before his untimely departure, the band who began their exploits in the heart of native Cumbria, have become a formidable element of the live scene in Leeds, as well as being regulars at London’s Club Fandango. They’re currently working with producers Bruno Ellingham (Merz, New Order, Goldfrapp) and James Kenosha (Duels, This Et Al, Grammatics) on new songs. A new EP is scheduled for release in sept 08.

Also on the page are tracks by Nathan Larson aka Samsa:

Duluth-Minnesota native Nathan Larson has been creating various forms of electronic and experimental music for over 12 years under the names Samsa, Bunk Data, and Royal Obtuse. Nathan was one of the co-founders of the Green House Music label that released a wide variety of atmospheric and ambient music on CD from 1999-2002. In late 2002 Nathan created the Dark Winter net.label with a focus on dark ambient music.


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DTTR007 - What We All Want (DTTR007CD)
DTTR007DL - What We All Want (DTTR007DL)