Not much was heard from these boys lately. In the aftermath of their 2003 release Moleskine, SOMETREE had been in the centre of the music scenes public eye; after having played more than 300 Shows all over Europe they went into hiding for the last two years.

Their first place of retreat took the form of a small summer cottage on the godforsaken coast of Denmark.


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New DTTR website and shop

As you'll see in front of you this is the brand new websi


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No upcoming gigs for Sometree


DTTR035 - Out Of The Woods And Trees (DTTR035CD)
DTTR028 - Something I Learned Today (DTTR028CD)
DTTR028DL - Something I Learned Today (DTTR028DL)
DTTR027 - Hands And Arrows (DTTR027/7 inch vinyl)