Voltage Union

A band from Leeds, UK

Formed in a bar in Leeds on a Saturday night, a rare time for sober discussion, but then it wasn’t really that sober. Four people living in Leeds with a love of loud angry pop assault and the realisation they could make their own, so a rehearsal was arranged, postponed, re-arranged and finally set in. One Leeds Festival, Radio 1 airplay, regional airplay in Spain, France and the US, Nasty Fest, Dance To The Radio and some choice supports later Voltage Union come blinking into the light, poking a big vintage synths and punky stick at anyone passing.

Members: Dave (vocals/guitar) / Mido (bass/vocals) / Vijay (drums) / Rob (synths/vocals)


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DTTR028DL - Something I Learned Today (DTTR028DL)
DTTR022 - On Your Marks (DTTR022/7 inch)
DTTR022DL - On Your Marks (DTTR022DL)
DTTR007 - What We All Want (DTTR007CD)
DTTR007DL - What We All Want (DTTR007DL)