Bear Hands

Bear Hands is a post-punk/experimental/indie rock act hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Forming in 2006, the band consists of Dylan Rau, Ted Feldman, Val Loper and TJ Orscher. Don’t let the amount of time this band has been together fool you, with interesting, twisted lyrics and a fun, upbeat sound, this band will make you want more! After the break up of Connecticut hardcore band In Pieces, Loper and Orscher moved to Brooklyn and formed Bear Hands with Dylan Rau and Ted Feldman. Dylan Rau’s somber, cutting voice cuts and Loper amazes on the guitar. This band has a touch of post punk with a lot of experimental with Loper on maracas on tracks on their EP. This band is a whole new sound in their own and they are blowing up their scene right now being compared to bands such as Joy Division and Hot Hot Heat. The band recently released a 4 song EP appropriately entitled Bear Hands EP. Tracks include Golden, Long and Lean, Sickly Brunette and Bad Blood. Recently this band has toured with another Brooklyn based act Abigail Warchild and The Gay Blades. Bear Hands is preparing for the release of a full length upon signing with a label and a tour will be in place.


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No upcoming gigs for Bear Hands


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