¬°Forward, Russia!

Formed in 2004, Leeds, UK four-piece ¡Forward, Russia! are an art-indie band consisting of Tom Woodhead (vocals, synthesizer), Rob Canning (bass), Katie Nicholls (drums, vocals) and Katie’s brother Whiskas (guitar, vocals and synthesizer). Their sound is characterized by trebly guitars and abstract, cryptic lyrics. Up until 2007’s “Don’t Be A Doctor”, songs were named for the order they were written in. Their image is characterized by wearing identical t-shirts, with their exclamation mark emblem emblazoned on them. They are currently on indefinite hiatus.

In early 2005 they released a split single (“Nine”) with fellow Leeds band This Et Al. This was followed up with a double A-side (“Thirteen” / “Fourteen”) in August 2005.

In January 2006 ¡Forward, Russia! released “Twelve” which reached Number 36 in the UK Charts.

“Nine” was released (again) in its own right on May 1st 2006, reaching number 40 in the UK singles chart. (b/w “One”). 

The band self-released their debut album (“Give Me A Wall”) on May 15th 2006, on guitarist Whiskas’ Dance To The Radio label.

¡Forward, Russia! are a regular feature on the live circuit, playing sell-out headline tours and major support (with Editors and We Are Scientists for example). They have also appeared at several European festivals (including Reading/Leeds in the UK) and in March 2006 they played at SXSW in Austin, Texas. They are renowned for their energetic shows, such as singer Tom hurling himself from one end of the stage to another.

After the release of their 2nd album 'Life Processes' the band announced that they were taking a break. Tom is starting to make a name of himself as an up and coming producer for bands such as i Concur. Whiskas has joined fellow DTTR friends and Leeds band Duels.


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No upcoming gigs for ¬°Forward, Russia!


DTTR058 - Dance To The Radio : Still Occupied Though You Forget
DTTR035 - Out Of The Woods And Trees (DTTR035CD)
DTTR035DL - Out Of The Woods And Trees (DTTR035DL)
DTTR025 - Don't Be A Doctor (DTTR025/10 inch vinyl)
DTTR021CD - Nineteen (DTTR021CD)
DTTR021 - Nineteen (DTTR021/7 inch vinyl 1 of 2)
DTTR021VL - Nineteen (DTTR021/7 inch vinyl 2 of 2)
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DTTR016VL - Eighteen (DTTR016/7 inch)
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DTTR012CD - Give Me A Wall (DTTR012CD)
DTTR012 - Give Me A Wall (DTTR012/12 inch)
DTTR012DL - Give Me A Wall (DTTR012DL)
DTTR011 - Nine (DTTR011/7 inch)
DTTR011CD - Nine (DTTR011CD)
DTTR011DL - Nine (DTTR011DL)
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