From the depths of some dingy basement below the infamous 'Harolds' of Leeds, West Yorkshire, Chickenhawk have been creating a name for themselves since late 2004.
Originally a 3 piece (Stick - Vox/drums, Rob - Guitar, Ryan - Bass), the group came together through a shared house, a shared love of bands like Melvins, Oxes and QOTSA and a shared contempt for the then most popular trends in underground music.
After embarking on several tours around the UK, they released a string of EPs and demos, which led to the release of the album “Chickenhawk” (Sound Devastation Records) in late 2008. With its release the band demonstrated a focused yet chaotic sound; a reflection of their tireless work ethic and live reputation. The album garnered rave reviews from all corners of the underground and mainstream media.
Following the albums release, Matt was recruited to take over on drums, leaving Stick to concentrate on new lead parts and vocals. This line-up change helped the band to not only recreate the albums intense sound live, but also to up the ante at their shows and further develop as a unit.
The last year has seen Chickenhawk step up their touring schedule, release the first EP as a four piece on Brew (records) entitled 'A. Or Not?' and shoot 2 music videos in the space of 6 months. The second of which is the directorial debut of NME / Spin Magazine photographer: Danny North.
The latest recording 'Scorpieau', exclusive to Vol. 3 of Dance To The Radio's - 4x12" Compilation, hints at the new directions Chickenhawk head towards in the near future. Expect a new full-length early 2010.

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