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New Dance To The Radio Compilation - OUT NOW


So yeah we're releasing the 3rd in the 4x12" vinyl compilation series. True to form it's a giant mash up of everything kicked off in the most brutal of ways by Chickenhawk.

4x12” Volume 3 is out now and for ONE WEEK ONLY you can download the digital compilation from 7digital - CLICK HERE.

Side A
1. Chickenhawk - Scorpieau
2. Esben and The Witch – Skeleton Swoon

Side B
3. Olfar – Husk (demo)
4. Airship – Spirit Party

Have a listen to the bands we're putting on it, if you like please make a purchase from the DANCE TO THE RADIO SHOP

Chickenhawk Myspace
Esben and The Witch Myspace
Olfar Myspace
Airship Myspace